Partner@PSLBuddy Program

Guidelines for participants – Buddy Program

Thank you for your interest in the Buddy Program of PSL, which aims to help you settle in Paris in the best possible conditions. All participants are volunteers.

What is an International Buddy?

An International Buddy is an incoming international PSL student that will arrive in Paris soon.

What is a Local Buddy?

A Local Buddy is a returning PSL student that has been enrolled for at least one year.

What to expect from your Local Buddy?

  1. Getting in touch with you as soon as they get the e-mail with your name and contact details.
  2. Welcoming you at the airport or the train station when you arrive in, if possible.
  3. Meeting you at least once before the beginning of the academic year to help you with administrative procedures for which they are available (for example, coming with you to open a bank account).
  4. Showing you your new school before the beginning of the academic year.
  5. Having lunch with you at the CROUS to show you the student restaurant service.
  6. Showing you their favorite places in Paris 😊

We encourage you to take the initiative to plan activities with your Local Buddy throughout the academic year.

What’s in it for you?

  • Connecting with a PSL student before you arrive in Paris and having the opportunity to ask them questions.
  • Having some company on your way from the airport/train station to your new home. Practicing your French!
  • Learning about French culture.

Important information

  • As an International Buddy, you are a representative of Université PSL, and thus you are:
    • Expected to act in ways that are consistent with the role and guiding values of the University and that do not impede or prejudice the work of other members of the community.
    • Expected to act with integrity and demonstrate respect for others.
  • Please note that your Local Buddy is a volunteer and is not paid to help you. Any expenses that you may have when meeting them (e.g., airport transport, CROUS meal) should be paid by you.
  • As a volunteer, your Local Buddy might not be an expert in administrative French procedures, and they are not obliged to help you with every kind of problem that you may encounter. For these issues, please write to
  • Create a fun moment with your buddy and avoid asking favors that may put you or them in an uncomfortable situation (asking to lend money, host you, or pay for your expenses, for example).


Who makes the matches?

This platform is managed by the Welcome Desk team, its tutors, and also the student associations that are interested in using it.  

If you are a student of Dauphine - PSL, the association Le Forum is in charge of matchs between Dauphine students! Do not hesitate to contact them. 

What should I do if my Buddy does not answer my e-mails?

We first will try to contact your Local Buddy, and If they don’t answer, then we will match you with another Local Buddy.

Will my Local Buddy pay for my ticket to get back from the airport or for my lunch at the CROUS?

No, they are here to help you and guide you, but they are students and it is not their responsibility to pay for you.

If something is not working out with my Local Buddy, who can I talk to?

If you have any concerns or questions, reach out to the PSL Welcome Desk team:

I have not been matched with anyone... What can I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee we can find a Local Buddy for you. However, be ensured that we will do our very best!